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Click here to listen/buy Darryl D' Bonneau-Strong Love

/////////CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO/////////

New Generation Records is proud to present
Title: (Strong Love) NGR-049
Artist: Darryl D 'Bonneau

1 Original Vocal Mix
2 K.O.H Vocal Mix
3 K.O.H Instrumental MIX
4 UPI's Dance strong Vocal Mix
5 UPI's Dance strong DUB Mix
6 DeepCity Soul Mix
7 Deepnotic Vocal Remix
8 Deepnotic Instrumental Remix

1 Produce By Shaheer Williams, Aspenwall Parsons And Derek A. Jenkins For Soul Groove Records & B-Room Entertainment. additional programming and production by Dwayne "Spen" Richardson*
2-3 K.O.H Is Kabelo Sekati From south Africa Up and coming Hot Producer.
4-5 UPI Our in house guys You know them
6-7DeepCity soul Mix is Remix and additional production By Owen Taylor & Matt Mckillop for DeepCitySoul Productions UK. All Instruments By DeepCitySoul
Strings by Tim Page
Mixed By DCS @ Digital Underground Studios UK.
8 Deepnotic is Kat la Kat

Label: New Generation Records/ ASH BON RECORDS
Darryl Started out with New Generation a record back in 1992 and is back with help from his own label AshBon Records Please check out the music video for this song.
Darryl began fusing soulful R&B vocals with a contemporary club/house style, recording hit songs such as "A Better Way", "its The Spirit" and "Sent From Above". His rise to the top in the club scene led to his landmark achievement, having reached the #1 position on the Billboard Club play charts with "Stop Playing with My Mind" (a duet with Barbara Tucker). As an international success, he has appeared on the Top of the Pops program and continues to stay on every DJ's dance chart with his release "It's the Spirit" from his 2005 album, On My Way.

Darryl 's Current project, "Strong Love," using his passionate soprano voice and commanding stage presence in his journey to revive the original soul of R&B and House. With "Strong Love," D 'Bonneau professes his love for the music and solidifies his status as a multi-faceted vocalist.

"I don't want to be labeled as just a house, gospel or pop artist; I'm a singer, I like singing everything because I love music. You might hear a bit pop or house in my music because that is how I sing. I see that I make others happy when they listen to my music and there is something in my music for everybody."

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