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click here to listen/buy Matrix-Get Out (2011 Remixes) (Incl. Kerri Chandler Mixes)

Madhouse Records, 20th JUNE 2011 KCTDL1124

When we relaunched the Madhouse label back in mid 2010, we never thought the back catalogue would get such a fantastic response as it has. With this Kerri Chandler produced classic topping the Beatport Classics chart almost constantly since the relaunch, we thought it only fair to revisit it with some brand new mixes for 2011.

First up we thought it would be rude not to ask the man himself to give his own tune a rework! Kerri Chandler steps up to the plate and delivers two brand new versions – the Feel Mix which keeps things deep and thumping, while the Kaoz 6:23 Again Vox mix contains those trademark pumping drums accompanied by synth stabs reminiscent of Kerri's classic "Bar-A-Thym". The spoken word vocal is intact throughout, but there's a tasty dub included for the vocal-phobes.

Taking things down an altogether more minimal techy direction are Matt Jam Lamont & Scott Diaz whose recent remix of Raze "Break 4 Love" impressed big brother label Champion Records so much they definitely wanted to get the boys involved with Madhouse too. Far from Matt's 2-step roots, their "Reloaded" mix is pure tech-infused house with that spoken word vocal throughout, plus some cheeky garage-esque vox cut ups for good measure. Again, there's a dub for those that want it.

DJ Support & Feedback:

Fish Go Deep: 'Kerri's remixes are great, ruff and funky. Feel Vox and Kaoz Dub for me'. – 4/5
Jose Carretas: 'Pure Kaos – awesome!' – 5/5
Franck Roger: 'Kerri's dub for me thanx'
Sy Sez: 'Kerri displaying why we love him! Fat drums, those chords, and a whole serving of energy. Can't wait to play this out, got my full support!' – 5/5
Jimpster: 'Lovely new Kaoz versions, the vocal mix is the pick for me. Will be playing it a lot I'm sure!' – 4/5
DJ EZ: 'Dangerous!' 5/5
Phil Asher: 'Pure Vibes remixed for the Future by Kerri, Love It!' – 5/5
Booker T: 'Wicked Mixes. Heavyy!' – 4/5
Victor Simonelli: 'Thanks , will play at all upcoming gigs.' – 4/5
Stonebridge: 'Ahhh, nice!' – 4/5
DJ Spen: 'Killerrrrr!!! LOve Kerri's Mixes!' – 4/5
Judge Jules: 'Nice track, like it!' – 5/5
Jerome Sydenham: 'The "Get Out again dub" is the shit! KC fire!' – 4/5
DJ Yass: 'Amazing package, really dig it !!! thanks' – 4/5
Julius Papp: 'Dig the updated mixes with the Kaoz Dub being the one for me. Thanks!'
Martin 'Liberty' Larner: 'Matt Jam & Scott Diaz mixes are stunning, 5 mins in and the track is still building! That second drop is off the hook! Kerri's Again Vox and dub both do the business as well with that head nodding Bar-A-Thym vibe driving it from start to finish.'
Robert Owens: 'Love it! – 4/5
Moto Blanco: 'Massive fan from back then... so i love this! Matt & Scott smash it as well' – 4/5
Supernova: 'Both Kerri and Matt Jam's mixes are good. Support!'
Grant Nelson: 'Phat!' – 4/5
Danny Rampling: 'Cool rework of this underground classic' – 4/5

Plus support from Ralf Gum, Danny Krivit, Tony Lionni, Jesse Voorn, and more to follow…

Radio Support so far from DJ EZ (Kiss FM), worldwide radio and more to follow…

Reviews to follow…

For more info and interviews contact:

neil@championrecords.co.uk // 020 8961 5202

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