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Mike Labirt feat. Dee Holloway-What U Do 2 Me

New Generation Records is proud to present
Title: (what U Do to Me) NGR-038
Artist: Dj Mike La Birt Feat: Dee Holloway

1 Main Vocal Mix
2 Main Instrumental Mix
3 Main Vocal Stripped Down Mix
4 Main Dub stripped Down Mix
5 Main Dub stripped Down No Guitar Mix
6 Main Jazzy Solo Mix
7 John Crockett Vocal Mix
8 John Crockett Instrumental Mix
9 New Generation Vocal Mix
10 New Generation Instrumental Mix
11 The Underground lounge Vocal Mix
12 The Underground lounge Instrumental Mix
13 Tony Jesus Remix
Label: New Generation Records
Legendary Diva
DEE HOLLOWAY lays down a hot vocal track over Mike LaBirt's soulful but disco influence groove for a dance floor smoker other mixes featured by john Crockett of twirl space and Tony Jesus this release has something for the Dj's and the dancer's on the dance floor pick it up and check this one out.

John Crockett is one of the hottest song writers, producers, arrangers and remixer within the deep house music genre He is quickly rising to becoming one of the top house music remixers
DJ Mike LaBirt Is the founder of New Generation Records and a current Jock on DV.FM Mike has been on the scene for years djing at Jimmy burns area and ZANZIBAR and Currently at Ash Lounge just to name a few.
Executive produced by Mike & Larry La Birt, Kevin Oliphant

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